Published papers

The Stickiness of Pandemic-Driven Disenrollment from Public Schools  (Econ of Ed Review, 2024)

The COVID-19 Pandemic Disrupted Both School Bullying and Cyberbullying (2022, AER: Insights)

The Pandemic’s Effect on Demand for Public Schools, Homeschooling, and Private Schools (2022, JPubE)

Racial Diversity and Measuring Merit: Evidence from Boston’s Exam School Admissions (2022, EFP)

Ability Signals and Rigorous Coursework: Evidence from AP Calculus Participation (2022, Econ of Ed Review)

O Brother, Where Start Thou? Sibling Spillovers on College and Major Choice in Four Countries (2021, QJE)

Inequality in Household Adaptation to Schooling Shocks: Covid-Induced Online Learning Engagement in Real Time (2021, JPubE)

Learning is Inhibited by Heat Exposure, Both Internationally and Within the U.S. (2021, Nature Human Behavior)

Nudging at Scale: Experimental Evidence from FAFSA Completion Campaigns (2021, JEBO)

Heat and Learning (2020, AEJ:Policy)

Take Two! SAT Retaking and College Enrollment Gaps (2020, AEJ:Policy)

The Labor of Division: Returns to Compulsory High School Math Coursework (2019, JOLE)

Can Online Delivery Increase Access to Education? (2019, JOLE)

Intensive College Counseling and the Enrollment and Persistence of Low Income Students (2018, EFP)

Access to Four-Year Public Colleges and Degree Completion (2017, JOLE)

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A Few Goodmen: Surname-Sharing Economist Coauthors (2015, Economic Inquiry)

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